About Us

About Us

Real estate development, real estate asset and portfolio management company, MAM Zrt., is relatively new on the property market but thanks to its strong financial background and extensive specialized expertise, the company is already a significant player in the real estate development sector, and member of the Market-group.

Market Építő Zrt. was founded in January 1996 with the goal of combining professionalism, dedication, and the power of experience to become a valuable and valued construction company that provides precision and reliability for its customers. Together with its subsidiaries, Market employs over a thousand people, and its name has come to stand for professionalism, quality, and reliability also by international standards.


Our mission is to build high-quality properties that bring sustainable value increase while raising the standard of the built environment.

Customer focus

The mission of MAM Zrt. is to create a premium portfolio that is unique in the country, and to successfully and efficiently handle it with proper ownership. On one hand, we are a traditional real estate asset management company with the core activity of protecting and increasing assets as the owner’s representatives.


At the same time, instead of a traditional real estate asset management company, we rather identify ourselves as a boutique real estate asset management and real estate development company. The word ’boutique’ means ’jewelry box’ in the hotel jargon, and can be best described as special, peculiar, unique, and stylistic.



In our real estate development projects, we always strive for the successful and reliable achievement of long-term business goals by relying on the group’s expertise and synergy. Our leaders have several decades of experience in the international real estate market.



We believe that our innovative approach, dedication, and specialist knowledge enable us to create timeless value.



Sándor Makra
Executive Director


Norbert Kámán
Real Estate Asset Director


Csaba Horváth
Chief Financial and Investment Officer


Edina Ambrus
Chief Accountant


Gergely Rőzse
Financial Manager


Gábor Tóth
Fundings and Transactions Manager


Miklós Biró
Real Estate Project Manager


Kretovics Renáta
Finanszírozási munkatárs


Terézia Papp
Office Manager, Financial Assistant


Csaba Kiss
Marketing Manager